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    PercoTop For commercial vehicles

    For a good-looking, durable finish

    PercoTop industrial and transportation paint supplied by Morleys Derby

    There is no such thing as a standard commercial vehicle
    or trailer. They come in all shapes and sizes and with all manner of substrates – from aluminium to steel, plastic to glass-reinforced polyester. Yet regardless of the substrate, the finish must not only look uniform, but also dazzle in order to fulfil its marketing role. Whatever the weather, the mechanical stress, the chemical attack, the amount of UV radiation or the degree of use, commercial vehicle coatings have to maintain their excellent finish.

    From primers to topcoats, PercoTop® is a complete paint system for commercial vehicle components and trailers that provides the robust, durable protection they need to stay looking good on the road for years. Its outstanding mechanical properties and exceptional colour stability translate into reliable, long-term performance. Whatever the requirements for protection, durability and application, PercoTop® is the right paint system for you.

    industrial commercial perco top axalta paint supply Morleys derby limited

    Flexible and efficient

    PercoTop coatings, including topcoats, clearcoats, primers, putties and additives, offer excellent adhesion, outstanding corrosion protection.


    PercoTop® is a particularly user-friendly and efficient coatings system. It is also uniquely innovative. Thanks to an advanced tints and binder system, more than 15,000 colours can be produced in almost every conceivable CV-paint grade quality, quickly and effectively. While perfectly coordinated components minimise mistakes, the modular system also means less capital is tied up in inventory. Larger paint quantities are available in ready-mixed colour batches tailored to individual customer specifications.

    Well-matched primer materials provide excellent adhesion and outstanding corrosion protection, while clears create the optimum surface finish. This flexibility of the PercoTop® system and its high level of performance ensures a wide range of applications. In addition, special additives are available to achieve various degrees of gloss. From matt to high-gloss, from Medium Solids to VOC compliant High Solids – PercoTop® will meet all your commercial finishing needs.


    When you need it

    We measure our performance by how well we support our customers. We know and understand their needs. When you choose PercoTop® for commercial vehicles, you not only get a unique paint system, but also specialist support. Our team of experts assist our customers with process improvements, application training, specification documents and will help to identify the correct paint systems for every substrate and vehicle shape, including large surfaces with overlapping spray zones.

    As part of our commitment to our customers, we have ensured that PercoTop® is as easy to use as it is to dry.
    The paint can be applied with all customary application equipment such as conventional spray-guns, high-pressure, airless or air-mix coating processes. PercoTop® dries well too, whether by air, oven or infrared.

    The result is a perfect coating – every time.

    industrial commercial perco top axalta paint supply Morleys derby limited
    industrial commercial and automotive perco top hydro top coat axalta paint supply Morleys derby limited