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    We are constantly striving for improving

    the performance of our industrial liquid coatings!

    PercoTop spray coatings are made to satisfy demanding specifications, whether that is in agriculture, construction and earth moving equipment, automotive components, general industrial or architectural and decorative applications.

    Most commonly mixed paints are PUR 2K, 9675 2K & 9700 2K (see below). We supply Topcoats for all applications and surfaces.

    Please call +44(0)1332 611893 or email: [email protected] for all enquiries.

    PercoTop® PUR 2K MS Topcoat

    Polyurethane technology for smooth finishes combined with weather resistance and chemical resistance.

    PercoTop® 9675 2K HS Topcoat

    This 2K high solid polyurethane topcoat is the preferred choice when complex shapes and large surfaces require an excellent finish.

    PercoTop® 9700 2K HS Topcoat

    2K high solid polyurethane topcoat, has excellent flow and delivers excellent long-term colour and gloss retention.

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