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    HydroTopCoat 7200

    Rail Transportation

    Axalta Coating Systems, HydroTopCoat 7200

    with its sustainable, technology-driven solutions, is the partner of choice for the rail industry. Both the OEM and refurbishment sectors value our high-performance solutions. And we have expertise in everything from passenger carriages to high-speed trains, locomotives, trams and metros, and interiors and exteriors. Our coatings are approved by numerous rail operators, including Deutsche Bahn and CP1 SNCF. Our coatings for rail are renowned for their fire- and smoke-resistance, as well as their anti-graffiti properties.

    The cost of rail cars’ maintenance, repair and upkeep, are major economic factors to consider, as is the weight of the paint on a rail car. With all of this in mind, we’ve ensured our Imron® primers, fillers, topcoats, and our waterborne clear-over-base systems offer not only durability and resistance to wear and tear but also contribute to savings, while still looking good.

    We are constantly investing and researching eco-friendly technologies to meet the challenges of the future today.

    hydro top coat paints for rail and transportation. Morleys Derby Limited
    Axalta Hydro Top Coat Paints for the rail and trasportation industry

    Imron HydroTopCoat 7200

    HydroTopCoat®7200 is flexible and eco-friendly, a waterborne paint system which has been specially developed for use in the rail transportation industry.

    The versatile two pack polyurethane topcoat meets the demanding finishing requirements of a range of rail sectors including train manufacturers, fleet operators and specialist rail refurbishment operations.

    HydroTopCoat 7200

    Has excellent anti-graffiti properties and is resistant to removal agents. Meaning graffiti can be cleaned quickly and easily


    Tested and approved for smoke and fire certification, is corrosion resistance and durability. Conforms to all current rail legislation.


    Lead-free and does not contain heavy metals. The VOC is the lowest possible, exceeding current and future EU legislation for coatings in the manufacturing sector. It is also in line with REACH legislation.


    Perfect for a varied range of applications, exterior and interior and can be applied to all types of metal and plastic substrates. Can also be applied using all usual coating processes airless, air-mix and conventional and HVLP.


    offers the same benefits as high solids solvent based products but without the environmental impact. It also dries fast and the 1.5 to 2 coat application yields high productivity and very low paint consumption. With excellent rheology control, HydroTopCoat can handle the most complex shapes.


    available in a wide range of fleet operator shades. In addition to high gloss, it is also available in a range of low sheen finishes from matt to eggshell it possible to make almost any solid colour with any gloss level.


    The superior quality of Hydrotopcoat is based on the latest pigment selection and state-of-the art dispersion technology. HydroTopCoat is a robust, long-lasting topcoat able to withstand the rigours of the rail track. It has been successfully used by world class manufacturers of rolling stock for many years.

    Hydro TopCoat Paint Coatings. Morleys Derby - Axalta Paints